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Investment Philosophy


We have the highest respect for our investors’ money, so we put our money where our mouths are by investing our own money with our investment partners' money.

In short, we eat our own cooking.


We focus our resources and attention on investment opportunities that we understand and that can stand up to rigorous due diligence.

In short, we believe that broad diversification is a protection against ignorance.


We adhere to a disciplined, fundamental value approach to investing. We are not bound by coventions and seek only the best opportunities regardless of size or industry classification. We believe the cheaper you buy, the greater the potential investment reward and the less the inherent risk. We concentrate on "what is" in terms of understanding an investment, in contrast to "what the market thinks ".

In short, we are convinced that market prices do not determine investment value.


We stick to our principles and wait patiently for opportunities to come along. When opportunities do come along, we pounce on them with vigor.

In short, we invest for the long term, but are able to act nimbly.


We don’t face the daunting hurdle of bureaucratic obstacles to make our creative decisions. We believe in an entrepreneurial setting. Moreover, we think for ourselves, from principles first.

In short, we do not let market indices shape our investment approach.

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